Thursday, September 13, 2007

“Soft Enough?”

Practice this morning was pretty good. I had more energy than yesterday. Being here often feels like a science experiment. Each day is pretty much the same. So it feels kind of mysterious as to why some days practice has more energy and other days not so much. After my drop backs today Saraswati assisted me and when we were all through she called me soft, explaining to me that I was soft enough. Soft enough for what, you might be wondering. I knew exactly what she was talking about. Soft enough to grab my ankles in back bending. Basically she said that it was time, to at least try. My whole nervous system froze thinking that she meant, let’s go right now. But then she said very sweetly, “Monday.”

There will be no practice tomorrow in the Shala. Tomorrow is the festival, Ganesh Chaturthi; it is the celebration of the birth of the lovely elephant-headed god, Ganesh. I am practicing in the morning at the house with my neighbor Natalie, and then we will embark to the Ganesh temple down the road to check out the festivities.

Amy has taken a journey to Chennai and will be back on Sunday. I am sure she will return with at least 108 wacky “India!” moments. I just finished up my music lesson and just hope to rest until tomorrow. My system feels just a bit off today. I have my first Sanskrit test on Monday, I should start studying now.


Judy said...

Good Morning Jill, energy rises and falls - it is a mystery just ride the waves. I am sure you will able to demonstrate your softness in drop backing and make my heart stop. Happy "B" day to Ganesh, would love to read all the details.
Tests never fear, you are smarter than you realize. Stay strong and healthy and happy. I LOVE and MISS you. Mom

Mary Jo said...

I think that being told you are soft is sort of like saying you are flexible and things like yoga come naturally to you. Some rigid would not be able to do what you do and are doing there in India. Your friend must be very brave to go exploring without you, an experienced India traveler. We are looking forward to hearing all about the adventures upon your return.



35YOTR said...

I hope one day to be as soft. And sweet.

Anonymous said...

Jill, That you enjoy the routine and find it comforting makes me feel better about my own new routine- going to sleep early and waking early (the new job). I do, however, really miss practicing with you... so much for non-attachment, although I try. So glad you're doing well and sending you lots of love. Look forward to practicing with you in October. Be well. xoxox, Stacey G.