Thursday, September 27, 2007


Rickshaw to A. Shankara Chetty Jewellers 35 Rs

One A.D. Stone Set Nose Screw 298 Rs

Rickshaw to Aadithya Adhikari Hospital 35Rs

Prescription for Piercing Needle and Personal Syringe 8 Rs

Nose Pricking Fee 100 Rs

Getting your nose (re)pierced at an Indian Hospital Priceless


Judy said...

Good Morning, YIKES!!!!!!! what more can I say... Well, this time I will not lose a week from our lives. I hope you chose a impressive piece for the nose. I love you and miss you. Travel safely and stay strong, healthy and content. LOVE and HUGS, mom

Mary Jo said...

Oh my God, I can't believe you did that, again!!!!! Make sure you keep it clean, you don't need an infection while you are traveling.

Did Michael get anything pierced too?



Judy said...

Good Morning, You may have set out on your travels and I hope you and Michael have a great adventure. Missing you!! Stay safe, healthy and strong. Love and hugs, Mom