Friday, November 23, 2007

Stay Engaged Practice Yoga

Two Workshops:

The Rebirth of the Sun
Winter Solstice Morning Retreat Week
Monday – Friday
December 17-21
6-8 am
Tuition: $90Early Registration Incentive: $80 by 12/10/07


If you are interested in hosting a week long morning retreat at your yoga studio contact me. Other themes have included Practice as Sadhna, Abhyasa and Vairagya; The two wings of yoga, and Tandava: Where Shiva meets Shakti.

The Earth is actually nearer to the sun in January than it is in June—by three million miles! In this week long morning retreat we will explore the light that is always present in each of us. Through movement (asana), simple cleansing (kriya) rituals, breath awareness (pranayama), and quiet sitting we will align with the quality of the solstice, as a time that humans have long recognized as a turning point, a day that celebrates the return of the sun. Our asana focus will utilize the contemplative and cleansing power of forward bends in combination with deep twists. Picking up suggestions from the “great vows” of yoga, the yama’s, and niyama’s, we will weave together the themes of greedlessness (aparigraha), cleanliness (shauca), and contentment (samtosha).

To register, please mail payment to: Wake Up Yoga, 2329 Parrish Street, Philadelphia, PA 19130. Or call: 215.235.1228 to use a credit card. Please include your name, phone number and email address. Thank You!

Foundation First, Insight into the Traditional Ashtanga Method
Friday-Sunday January 4th-6th
Yoga Squared
1923 Chestnut street 3R, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19103 phone: 215 496 9226 fax: 215 496 9227

My intention in providing this workshop is to bring a clear understanding and awareness towards the Ashtanga methodology as taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois of Mysore, India. Through the guidance of my teacher, David Keil, who has been authorized by Guruji, and my two pilgrimages to Mysore (2006, 2007) I hope to lay a proper and strong foundation on which the practitioner can confidently build a self-practice and continue their studies (If there is interest and enthusiasm, I can offer a 2nd installment, with the option of an additional Mysore morning week.) Over the course of this weekend will we explore in depth the foundations of the practice. We will explore and study the external postures, and begin to develop awareness of the more subtle aspects, the breath (prana), bandha (energy), and dristi (focus.) The culmination of this transformative weekend will be a led (traditionally counted) practice of the asana’s we have covered. I hope to cover the opening and closing mantra’s, some history on the origin of the practice, debunk some commonly held mythology, share loads of stories, and my own personal tips and tricks.

This workshop is suitable for all levels. It may be just the beginning of your exploration of this system, or a space for the more experienced to clear up any confusion, and fall in love with the divine details.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Change is Coming!

I am revamping my blog, and will continue to write about all things yoga. I hope to highlight my favorite things about practicing yoga in this beautiful, and very conflicted city. What could be more interesting than exploring what yoga is in the home of the cheese steak?