Saturday, March 31, 2007

A Cruel Month

March has been a cruel month for me. I have slowly leaked out all of the India juice that I was living on. Picking up this blog again may be a way to spark some new awareness in my life. My practice is suffering, and teaching feels draining, I find myself complaining all the time, and judging all the things around me. I do need to get myself a camera, maybe I'll be able to get that done today. I starting reading from Krishnamurti's book this morning about the act of listening. He poses this question which I hope practice, "Can one listen without any conclusion, without any comparison or judgment, just listen, as you would listen to music, to something you really love? Then you listen not only with your mind, your intellect, but also listen with your heart, you listen with care, objectively, sanely, you listen with attention to find out."