Friday, September 14, 2007

Me and Juanita

What a strange day. No one at the Shakti house could sleep last night. I was up, Trish was up, and Natalie was sick. It's good that there was no practice this morning. I had a nice long breakfast and talked to Satu and Trish for quite a while, and then practiced for my music lesson. It's been dark all day, and about an hour ago it started really raining with thunder. I want to venture out and get some lunch, but it will be impossible to first get a rickshaw, and then get a fair price. So, I'll just wait it out, it always passes. Mike leaves for Mysore a week from today! Yeah! For now my favorite companion in the house is Juanita, also known as Princess. Maybe tomorrow will be more exciting.


Judy said...

Good Morning Jill, loved seeing your face. You look well and rested. Sometimes a day just to regroup is a welcome respite and needed. Sickness however not so nice - get well soon Natalie. Yeah, Mike's departure translate into four weeks until you are home. Michael, I am sure, misses you as well. Soon you will be together creating more memories in India. Stay strong, healthy and happy. I love and miss you. Love, mom

35YOTR said...

Juanita is quite a beauty. So nice to see your face - perhaps with Mike's imminent arrival, we can get you out from behind the camera and see more of you.

How is Guruji?

Mary Jo said...

That dog is really very cute. She looks very friendly and a little lazy too! Hopefully, you did manage to get out and get some lunch despite the raining day! Sorry to hear that you all were having trouble sleeping, you know, grandma Angie would tell you you must have sins on your soul. I'm sure that Mike is getting very excited about his upcoming travels and about seeing the love of his life! We all can't wait to see you home again.