Friday, September 28, 2007


The Mysore chapter of this journey is coming to its end. Trish and I walked to practice this morning. It is so quiet at 4:30am. Many of my predawn walks to practice have been so nice. So many stars lighting the sky. Practice this morning was all about integration. Have I really been putting things together, or have I been pretending to. I felt awake, and confident in what I know, and confident in what I still have to learn.

I finished up the month long Sanskrit class. Today he wrote a long passage from the Gita in the transliteration on the board and we had to write the whole thing out in Devanagri script. I made no mistakes! I will miss Laksmish. He is a great teacher, and very serious about the study of Sanskrit, but more so that yoga teachers know this stuff. He is a beautiful person. Mike and I just got back from chats (snacks) at Nalpak. I am sure we will be headed to dreamland soon. Only one more practice remains, and then Mike and I are of to try to "get" all of what India has to share.


Judy said...

Enjoy and bring home many tales. love and hugs, mom

Mary Jo said...

Sounds like you guys are all ready for the travel portion of your adventure. I'm sure it will be not only fun, but beautiful and inspiring as well. Have a good time and take lots of pictures so that when you come home, we can all feel like we were right there with you.