Monday, September 03, 2007

"Mysore Coming Madam"

Epic. The journey is epic. 24 hours of non-stop international travel. Amy and I have arrived safely and quietly here in Gokulum. Everything feels like home. The air, the sounds, even the driver who picked us up in Bangalore was like an old friend. Today I’ll run some needed errands and register at the Shala. I find myself already looking forward to Mike’s arrival. Satu told me at breakfast that the second trip here is harder in some ways. I am already feeling that. I am still sick, and without my husband. I do feel blessed to be here and confident that I will return once again to teaching and, really all of life with renewed joy and gratitude. I can’t wait to step my bare feet into the Shala and just simply begin again with practice. My head is swimming from David’s intense intensive and I hope that some information will solidify.

Here are some pictures. That's me and Amy in the car to Mysore. If you look closely you'll see her watch telling the wee early hour. My friends Rat and Junita greeted me at the door this morning. Where's Burrito? Burrito made it out of India and is living in L.A.


Judy said...

Good Morning Jill, Very happy to hear your voice last night. Be safe as you begin a new journey and know that I love you. Mom

Joy said...

The night you left I dreamed I was on a long flight and the plane was crashing ... over the intercom the flight crew kept saying, "wake up!"

I got a neti pot yesterday to deal with this cold you gave me... Take care. I'm so glad your flights were safe.