Friday, September 07, 2007

Putting it all together

The wake up call this morning was intense. Amy and I got up at 4am and were out the door headed to the Shala by 4:30am. It was an intense first led class. I thought that David's led classes were tough. I felt pretty strong, but mostly I felt really well informed thanks to the Ashtanga Intensive I participated in right before I left. I talked to Mike for a long time this morning. Harmonium lessons are intense. Classical Indian music is so beautiful. The class is structured with sound and rhythm. The teacher and I sing, and clap, and play. He gave me a 37 page syllabus on music theory. Tomas would be proud. All things seems to fit together here Sanskrit, yoga, music. I feel like giant pieces of a puzzle are just now starting to fit together. Indian culture is endlessly fascinating to me. Last time I was here I spent so much time walking the streets, or in the market trying to let everything seep in from the outside. Now I feel like I am working more internally studying and feeling everything swell from the inside now out.


Judy said...

Good morning, sounds as though the intensity agrees with you. Four am a little early don't you think. I'm happy to hear the peace in your writings. Off to another day with my little ones. Miss you lots!! Love you!! stay happy, healthy and safe. Mom

Mary Jo said...

I agree 4:00 a.m. is just insanely early to be getting up and working so hard. I'm glad that you are enjoying it though. You make India sound very inviting. I enjoy reading about your adventures every morning. Can't wait to see you though.



Mike said...

Well, you know it's early when it's too early for Judy. Can't wait to se you in two weeks.

35YOTR said...

Very nice way to put it, Jilly-ji. Maybe on your last visit you absorbed India and now India is seeping out from your very pores. First you receive and now you give. As it should be.