Saturday, September 22, 2007

Restful Saturday

It’s officially the start of festival season here in India. As the 10 day celebration in honor of Lord Ganesh comes to a close the volume in Mysore continues to amplify. Last night my neighbors must have had some party. The music was so loud, coupled with the noise on the street it made any night in NYC seem still and silent. 4am wake up calls help you fall asleep in the midst of it all.

It’s Saturday and this is the yogi’s day of rest. I woke up late and leisurely climbed out of bed and made myself a cup of coffee, wrote in my journey and just relaxed. I just had a music lesson and Trish and I made the room up for Mike. This entails that we squish the two beds into one big bed and change the sheets accordingly. Mike will be here soon! I almost can’t believe it.

Trish is going to take me to a Punjabi restaurant for lunch. I haven’t eaten much Indian food in the last couple of days, I felt like my stomach needed a break. I haven’t been sick, but I haven’t felt like myself either.

(Hours Later)

I loved the Punjabi restaurant and the food seems to be sitting very well with me. Now it feels like I am just waiting for Mike. I have one more thing left to do for his arrival. I’ll need to drop off a set of keys for his drivers and when I come home after practice; he should be fast asleep in bed. It feels like a dream.

Until tomorrow.


Judy said...

Good Morning Jill, Sounds as though you should have joined in the party. Although a 4 am wake up YIKES...I'm sorry you are not feeling yourself and I know once Michael arrives you will feel better. It is only a short wait from now. Please let me hear that he has arrived safe and sound.
So happy to know that you enjoy your visit to a Punjabi restaurant (please describe)

Judy said...

Jill, Dad is going to learn how to use the internet. You should hear from him. In the meantime he sends his love. Dad
PS he too hopes Michael arrives safely