Thursday, September 06, 2007

Good Vibrations

I have no pictures as of yet, but I may have some soon. I will be heading out to chanting sutras at Jayashree's around the time my mom checks the blog so I definitely want to have some thoughts/musings up. I am really diving into yoga school here this time around. I am taking Sanskrit three nights a week, and I just had my first Harmonium lesson. It was great, very traditional, very difficult. I loved it. Practice this morning felt really nice. I attempted to repeat the method that Sharat taught me yesterday with some success. Tomorrow is a lead class starting time 5:00am. The word on the street is that Guruji will lead that class. I hope so. On my way in and out of Sanskrit last night I saw him sitting in his office. I smiled at him. I am not sure if he saw me, but I smiled as big as I could.


Judy said...

Good Morning, Jilly, yes I check your blog early in the morning. Your words generate a peacefulness to my day. Hopefully you be able to share some of your talents with me upon your return. Thank you for posting each day, I really love it! I love you please stay safe and healthy and most of all contented!! MISS U mom

Mary Jo said...

Now that I'm back from Florida, I too am an early checker, however, not as early as your mom!!!! Sounds like you are enjoying all the practice and getting very well schooled on some new stuff too. I enjoy reading about your adventures and seeing the pictures as well. Can't wait to see you in person though.

35YOTR said...

Who or what is Jayashree? You sound like a busy but happy yogini - practice, sanskrit and harmonium. The holy triumvirate of India.

Recently I went to see a live band and the keyboardist played a harmonium - it always makes me think of you.