Wednesday, September 26, 2007


My blog posts go up considerably later than they used to now that Mike is here. Full Moon today, but I did a little practice while I locked myself out of the room and needed to wait for Mike to return from wandering the city and finishing up our travel arrangements. I certainly couldn't go out in public in Mike's boxer shorts and a top that I had been wearing for three days. Mostly it was the boxer shorts. Entirely inappropriate.

Mostly today we ate. We went to the Hotel Metropole, for us it is like India's version of Congress Hall. They have the best lunch buffet in the prettiest atmosphere. If you sit there long enough you'll forget you are even in India. Somethings that can be an alright thing. Walking home after such a meal is always a good thing.

Now here we are back at Shakti house getting ready to settle in for the night. I can't believe tomorrow is my last Mysore style practice. I'll end my practice here with a Friday and Sunday led class. Wow it has been an amazing month.


Mary J o said...

Good morning Jill. It sounds like you are very much enjoying having Michael there with you. I'm glad for that.

I see that you got an e-mail from our distant cousins who own the Spice Villas in Goa. I certainly hope that you are able to meet up with them while they are there too. That would be an incredible experience to meet family when you are so far from home. Have a great trip and be safe.



Judy said...

Good afternoon, I thought you may have begun your travel today and that is why there was no post. the photos are incredibly beautiful. let's a peacefull calm wash over the mind. Be safe as you begin to travel. Stay healthy, strong and content. I love and miss you. Love mom