Tuesday, September 25, 2007

M as in Mango, G as in Goat

Just for those of you would were worried about my health, I am feeling 100% better. Practice today was a pleasure. As Mike settles in here I am reminded why I missed him so much. When I came home from practice he was out and about, and didn't get back until 8:30am. We sat with all the yoga students and Mike just fits in with even trying or changing anything about himself. I love that about him.

We have finalized our plans. Leaving Mysore on the 30th we are going to explore Hampi, and travel on to Goa, and them make our way to Mumbai. I hope to blog throughout the trip this time. So, stay tuned.

After we left the travel agency we just wandered through the streets. We shared an ice cream cone from the street vendor. Tomorrow is a full moon day and I think Mike and I might go out to dinner at a normal time. I'd better get my Sanskrit homework done, early class in the morning.

I miss everyone at home. Can't wait to see you all!!!


Judy said...

Good Morning, all is right with the world when you are well. Michael possess that quality to fit right in - if he acheived that with our family - could work that with anyone. Let me know how the beach of Goa is - how long will you stay in Goa? Travel safe and stay healthy, strong, and happy. I love and miss you - and can not wait to see you. Love, mom

Mary Jo said...

Jill, I'm soooooo happy to hear that you are feeling better. I guess Michael has that affect on you. Glad to hear that you have your travel plans finalized. I see that e-mailed our cousin Rich Tinneny about stopping by the Spice-Villas in Goa. I hope he was able to get you the information you needed. I'm sure it will be beautiful there. We are all looking forward to your return trip home though. Have fun but stay safe on your travels.