Saturday, September 08, 2007

Seeing the Rama in the Drama

No practice today. I slept in until 5:15am, it was my soundest sleep yet. Amy and I went to Tina's for breakfast this morning. Mike and I never did manage it get there last time, but I'll be sure to bring him when he arrives. I had a plain dosa for breakfast and I topped it with fresh peanut butter and jam. To make sure that we were sleepy enough to go to bed early (4am wake up call) we decided to climb Chamundi Hill. Yes, I climbed it last time, but it was something that I thought Amy needed to experience. How could you pass up scaling 1000 plus steep steps battling giant spiders and moving amongst monkey madness? The climb was hotter, and harder then I remember. Isn't memory funny that way? I am now settled in at home getting ready to practice for my music lesson tomorrow, and do the gobs of Sanskrit homework Laksmish assigned.

Oh I almost forgot the Rama/Drama. So, Sharat was supposed to be finished teaching this week, but the word is that he is in fact staying on. This morning I overheard this funny conversation, that to me sounded like...."is he staying?, is he going on safari?, is he going to the moon?" Such stress. I am just happy to have the space to practice to rest, and to get clear on where I am going and how I want to get there.

For all of you at home interested in the next TT at Wake Up Yoga, don't miss the last information session on Sunday, September 9th 12pm. Here's the link-

Sending Lots of Love


Joy said...

I like the sound of hiking up a hill but you know how I feel about spiders. Where's the picture of the monkeys?

Judy said...

Good morning, Jill, I was impressed last year by the climb not realizing the spiders and monkeys were part of the package - YIKES! I slept in a little this morning and was surprised that Joy posted (she probably wrote before she went to bed) I spoke with Mike - he is really looking forward to connecting with you - he tells me two weeks! Stay healthy, happy and hopeful. I LOVE you mom

Anonymous said...

jill,happy you are once again persuing your passion.if there is any way you can bottle up your inner peace when you are in india and bring it home to share,that would be a truely lovely the mean time you enjoy it all to deserve lisa d xoxoxo

Mary Jo said...

I love the picture of that little, what looks like, puppy. He's just adorable. See if you can slip him into your luggage and bring him home for me!!! Climbing 1000 steps or more is not for me, spiders and monkeys aside. Sounds like you are enjoying sharing your experience with your friend. I'm sure that Michael is counting the days until he joins you there.