Sunday, March 30, 2008

Be Kind, Be Light, Be Love

Change is in the air. The Teacher Trainee’s have started teaching their first public classes this week it is such an interesting journey. I have many changes going on inside my own life trying to manage theses changes is proving harder than I expected. I think that I need to lighten up!

Mike and I had lunch with a friend yesterday that we haven’t seen since her wedding last July. I told her of my plans to return to India this July and she laughed and asked if there was anywhere else in the world to practice yoga. I get a hoot when I look at my passport and Indian stamps are the only that appear. For now I am really into going to the source, you know cutting out the middle man.

I hope to pick up writing daily this week, my teacher is in town and the spark from him to me is always reliable, humbling, but reliable.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Yoga, Ear Ache, and India Calling

It is really difficult to practice yoga with a massive ear ache. What is really hard is the heart ache of really wanting to practice and then the reality that sets in that practice could actually be damaging. With the help of a friend and a dreaded course of antibiotics I am finally beginning to hear the light at the end of the tunnel.

Life keeps shifting, om continues to cycle, and never is it so beautiful as in spring in Philadelphia.

India plans have been made and it seems I'll be journeying all on my own this time at least in the beginning before meeting up with the Wake Up Yoga group, I think there is still space if anyone out there is interested.

Namo Namah

Saturday, March 15, 2008


I am teaching my first full led class this Sunday at Yoga Squared 10am. It is my full intention to keep it "Shala Style." See you there!


I love reading yoga blogs. Over the years I have found maybe two or three blogs that I have become obsessive about reading. The last time I was in Mysore I read this blog everyday and every time I saw the author in the Shala I felt a little weird, to never never have heard her voice, but totally heard her "voice." When my blog friends pause from writing I feel sad. I am committing to writing more regularly about practice, teaching, and life.