Wednesday, September 05, 2007

"Oh, is that a flute you have?"

Jet lag bye-bye. I feel great, and my cough is almost gone. Practice this morning was like heaven. Every part of my body felt like me. I even managed to count to myself in Sanskrit all the way up to Navasana. I looked around the room today and I saw so many familiar faces from last fall. When I began my back bending I could feel Sharath come out of the office and walked directly toward me. Last year I was never assisted in back bends by Sharath, just Guruji, and Saraswati. He stood there and watch every drop back. I thought I had really improved, but I guess not. After my second he looked at me and simply said, "many mistakes." Yikes. Then he proceeded to ask me to reach my arms overhead palms touching all the way to the floor, and then come up without changing anything. Nothing. I squeezed my toes deep into the earth and I did it. He asked me if I was tired, I was just terrified. Amy and I after breakfast went into town. We walked around the market, and downtown for a long time. We just are now back from an awesome lunch completely stuffed. I am heading out for Sanskrit at the Shala. I really enjoyed all the comments this morning. Keep them coming.


Judy said...

Good morning, so happy to hear you are feeling better. Your post today transmitted much peace and contentment - I can feel your joy. Thanks for the posts and remember I LOVE YOU and please stay healthy and safe. The pictures are Great as well. mom

Mary Jo said...

The pictures are very pretty and it seems like you are back in the groove once again. We miss you around here but we know you'll be back home again before you know it. I love you!!!

Yoga Mike said...

Glad to see you and Amy arrived safely. Tell Amy I said Hi. Wonderful Pictures of Ganesh and H-man.

What is the 16th vinyasa of Janu Sirsana and what is the breath?

RuthieAnn said...

Sharat must have a very sharp eye
to spot "many mistakes" with Jill.
She is quite amazing, her body looks like every part could work
completely independantly. Drop backs are not in my reach at this time. I appreciate all the work Jill will do with them, I will send
my energy her way.