Friday, June 29, 2007

Oprah and Gayle

Wow, I can't believe that I am heading to India in two months! I found out that one of my yoga friends is now going to be my traveling companion, which I am sure makes my entire family feel better. I have been reading many yoga related blogs lately and sometimes people drone on and on about their physical practice. It make me wonder why do I shy away from that talk so much. I am fully down the rabbit hole at this point, nothing passes that I don't relate it with some kind of practice/study. I guess at this juncture my personal/emotional struggles are much more confusing and painful than any Karanda Vasana (which for now is impossible.)

I am been thinking about waht it means to be a friend. A good friend. As silly as it sounds, a best friend. To me it all comes down to Oprah and Gayle. I used to think that I was a Gayle and had my own Gayle, but now I think that was incorrect thinking.

Monday, June 11, 2007

India take two!

Well, it is official I am heading back to the mother ship. I am so excited. I am heading out by myself to Mysore and then Mike will meet me out there at the end of September so that we can travel for two weeks. Practice and then travel, it is such a nice combination. I think the plan is to fly out of Mumbai (Bombay), so then we can travel up the coast stopping in Goa as well. It feels so close, and there is much to prepare for.