Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Where the magic happens

This is me most days..alone with practice...well except when Charlie wants in on the experience.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

The first ever Shabda Sunday at Shri was so amazing. I haven't chanted like that since leaving the feet of Jayashree. 9 amazing and interested students came out to play and snuggle up to breath as the vehicle for sound, chanting as practice for inner transformation and so much more.

small seed...big tree

Here are some photos my husband took....the campaign of awareness begins!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

It isn't about always knowing the answer's knowing where to find the answer.

Tonight is the very first Shabda Sunday at Shri Yoga. I think I have said the phrase Shabda Sunday about 108 times in the last few days. Mike eventually asked me what does Shabda mean exactly.

Shabda is the Sanskrit word for sound but embedded in its meaning (which is in the sound itself) is a quality of sound as light, sound as awareness, sound as...

Please come make some sounds me with and begin to empower yourself as a student of yoga to be OK with not always knowing the answer but beginning the journey of knowing how and where to find the answers.

Shri Yoga
21 Broad Street
Pawtucket, RI

Friday, April 23, 2010

This time last week....

....I was finished with what was possibly the most focused and powerful week of teaching. So many things converged on one point and I felt that after 10 years of teaching yoga (my anniversary is the June!) I found my voice and a quiet confidence that can only come with time, patience, fearless faith and as always practice. the same time I needed some guidance about my direction in Providence. Classes got cancelled because of lack of interest and I felt defeated.

It is really a struggle to come into a new community. It is my job to stay engaged and do something! The Mysore group this morning was really amazing. I just finished my practice. Every time I take to my mat I remember to remember....that it can be easier, less of a struggle and if I keep practicing...all is coming.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

the gap between near and far

Sometimes I feel like I am on the yoga episode of Sesame Street. Last night at Shri I had 7(!) awesome and interested students wanting to learn about Ashtanga Yoga. It was the first yoga class ever for three of them. While I was in Philadelphia I had a great talk with tax guru and all around amazing friend, Adam. We were talking about how a teacher can't really get you there...a teacher can inspire and give foundation and support but getting there....well...that's all you. He reminded me of this blog that our friend and teacher, David Keil wrote while he was practicing in Goa this winter. You can find all about David under my yoga love section. He is an amazing teacher and all around awesome guy.

"I know Guruji used to talk about a teacher as a signpost, pointing the way. Sharath did it very nicely as well with a metaphor about the area in Goa where we were. He was talking about how he could tell us how to get to Panjim (Panaji-big town in Goa) and how there might be a right or left turn here, or to watch out for snakes or potholes etc… But, just because he told us how to get didn’t mean that we would arrive. We would still have to get on the scooter and drive ourselves there and maybe even find things that we weren’t expecting. Perhaps we could even find a different route? (last sentence mine, not Sharath’s… and whole thing paraphrased)."

Here are some pictures from my ever expanding life in Providence.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Shabda Sunday

In an effort to reach a broader yoga community I am holding a monthly gathering called Shabda Sunday at the beautiful Shri Yoga in downtown Pawtucket.

Here is the juice

This Sunday April 25th

...inviting students to begin a journey with the Sanskrit alphabet, yoga sutra call and response and meditation. We invite all levels to join in and experience this rich, warm practice.

It is going to be a practice altering experience! Not to be missed by those who have a teaching practice.

Shabada Sundays will begin Sunday, April 25 and are scheduled for 90 minutes, at a discount, $10.

Time 5-6:30pm

Sunday, April 18, 2010

juicy | sexy

.....thanks Dima for the spin on perfection as "juicy,sexy."

"Jill, I had such a fun week with you! Seriously amazing and given my mental state at was transformative! I am feeling deprived today and a little angry that RI has you all to itself... Unless I come back of course..then the stalking will begin. You are the most juicy sexy yogini eva. Miss you!!"

...thanks Liz for the kind words.

"I am always amazed with how Jillji makes yoga fun and informative. It's chocked full of asana, with very precise breath cues and funny anecdotes, such as "juicy sexy" (you had to be there. ha.)

I hope there's an opportunity to do a week long practice with Jill again soon. She really shatki-fied the space. Much love. Keep it"

....from Amanda's blog

"Jill, thanks again for an amazing week!! I was actually a little sad when I opened my eyes this morning at 5am and didn't have to get up for yoga. Miss you already..."

...Thanks Doug

If you practiced with me in the Early Morning Intensive in Philly please share!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

love | practice

At least two things must come together for there to be a be in a state of yoga.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

3 Ingredients

1. Where there in no effort there is no benefit- Tapas

2. Spend much time getting to know yourself- Svadhyaya

3. Once something has been ripened it must pass on....let go-Isvara Pranidhanani

Monday, April 12, 2010

Taking Radiance to a Whole New Level

After the most frustrating week yet in Providence I headed home to teach. I have been in Philadelphia less than 24 hours and the lessons I have been taught or gently reminded of....

I love yoga. I love teaching.

I love my sister.

I love being able to surrender to a quiet shala and receive so much from so little.

I just got back from a coffee date with a student/friend/inspiration who reminded me of the real meaning of flexibility, the impact of being a good teacher, and how sorrow can bestow the deepest awareness of joy.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Things I am really excited about

EVERY final Sunday of the month at the deLIGHTful Shri starting April 29th

SHABDA SUNDAYS - Sound as Light

Jill Manning is a student of Sanskrit as the Path of Luminous Shabda. She will lead these classes the last Sunday of each month, inviting students to learn the Sanskrit alphabet, yoga sutra call and response and meditation. We invite all levels to join in and experience this rich, warm practice.
Shabada Sundays will begin Sunday, April 25 and are scheduled for 90 minutes, at a discount, $10.

Teaching this at Motion Center

May 2 - Introduction to Sanskrit: The Language of the Heart, the Language of Integration with Jill Manning
This workshop is designed to introduce students of Yoga to Sanskrit as the language of Yoga and the language of light (Luminous Shabda). In this first meeting, (hopefully there can be more) we will focus on the vowel sounds--specifically how and where they resonate on the palate. We will also begin to uncover how understanding the diacritical marks can significantly improve pronunciation for chanting. We will practice learning selected mantra's, asana names, and call and response chanting from the Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali.

Kernel Panic

I haven't been blogging lately because I am finding that my frustration level surrounding yoga/yoga teaching here in the hope state has been steadily increasing. Because of this frustration I will not go into detail and I realize the frustration that I place out there in the world comes from inside myself and therefore I must treat me first.

I couldn't be more excited to be heading to Philadelphia tomorrow for a full week of teaching a sold out early morning retreat week. I am also aiming to get some practice time in with Noah Williams and let the inflammation of irritation subside.

I miss India. I miss having a community. I miss juicy yoga talk with friends and colleagues who struggle to know more and who aren't satisfied with yoga platitudes.