Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Snowed in and the end of the year slide

You know it is bad when your father (who just learned how to use a computer 2 years ago) calls you out about not blogging. I have been in Philadelphia since Friday night and I was scheduled to go back to Providence and finish up my yoga session/work at RISD Works for the Christmas crush, but snowed in and "stuck" in my hometown. Here are the highlights:

A great post train dinner with two awesome yogini's in the Art Museum area was followed by the euphoric energy that comes with waiting for the potential snow fall.

A Saturday morning walk to Mugshots alone in the falling snow allowed me to get connected to my teaching material and excited about the workshop.

The workshop was amazing! Such energy and commitment I was in awe.

After trying to get out of Philly I found myself being sucked in between train delays, and the eventual turn around time I made the tough decision to be still and return to Providence after the holiday.

I'll be around until Sunday when Mike, Angie, Charlie and I make our way back to New England to finish up this crazy year. I'll be on a flight headed first to France and then to Bangalore on December 31. I am so excited about returning for my 4th trip to Mysore and I will be blogging a lot! I am still trying to put my spring teaching schedule together so if you would like me to teach in your yoga community get in touch!