Sunday, January 24, 2010

When the student is ready...

These are the days that I live for in Mysore. These are days when I am ready to change my plans and stay for three months, when all the bullshit and bull-shiters are silenced. Not only did I have a relaxed and breathy led primary this morning, I positioned myself next to Katie and felt right at home, although the Brazilian man next to me did sweat on my mat.

I had plans to go to a Kirtan this afternoon but my stomach is still a little funny so I decided to rest. I stayed at home for the most part and chanted my sutras and to my total surprise with no problems all the way up to the 28th. Jai Jayashree!

I just got back form conference and each time I think that I'll take notes but I find myself unable to take my gaze from Sharath. What an amazing teacher. I feel so blessed to be a student here at the shala. I feel myself connecting to this place as a vehicle of change and growth. I feel each trip solidifying the merger of my "real" life and my "yoga" life into one. Jayashree said last week to have yoga two things must join. Maybe for the first time I am experiencing a state of yoga...the feeling that I am fully merging myself to my soul.

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