Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Steadiness and Sweetness

So many people ask me about my routine while I am in India. What do I do with myself all day? Well, all day is an interesting concept around here, but here is my schedule so far. It may be tweaked over the next 4 weeks but for now here goes.

I wake up at 3.30am. This will happen 6 days a week with out variation. I shuffle to the gate at the AYRI which is locked and I take a seat alongside of yoga students and rough housing street dogs. I wait. We all wait. At around 4.15am the gate opens and it is like a rock concert or scary soccer match. Students rush into the shala and find their spot and shortly after that practice individually and collectively begins. It has been for me that on the right side of Utthita Trikonasana Sharath comes out of his office and calls us to Samasthiti. This is the best part of the first practice slot we chant. No other time slot chants as a call and response group.

I am back in my bed by 6.20am. I nap a bit until breakfast.

Breakfast. Check emails. Bucket Bathe. Off to a 2 hour chanting and philosophy class.

I am home now trying to beat the power outage to get this out and it is 3pm. I am having a chai and I’ll read and reflect on the frenzied notes I took during class. A light dinner and then lights out at 7pm.

3.30am comes really fast.

We have a two day holiday this weekend with Friday and Saturday off. I hope to share some juice that seems to flood this place. I am so grateful to have this time here. I am so grateful to the teachers that continue to hold the bar so high and keep the light of yoga bright. I am so…

Total Dropbacks-10


Christina said...

Hi Jill!
I am loving reading your blog!

I have a question for you - do you ever drink coffee or tea when you wake up so early at 3:30 in the morning? What are your thoughts on that?


jude said...

Beautiful starting my day with your words and a saner hour. Stay healthy, happy and safe. Love U

Jill Manning said...


I would love to have a small cup of coffee but I don't have a kitchen and I would rather sleep those extra few mins.

I did hear Sharath tease someone in my group for not drinking coffee before practice and advised him to do so...I guess he looked tired.

Tina said...

Tali! Krishna! Chai!!

I look at your pictures and miss dirty feet, bucket bathes, and even the dogs barking at night. Mostly, missing you!!!

Anonymous said...

I love your food pics! The food looks like art.

Christina said...

Hah! thats funny Sharath told someone to drink coffee. That makes me feel better about my morning cup ;)