Wednesday, January 20, 2010

" happy to be here I could pee myself each morning!"

Yesterday I went on a Indian food fast. I think my internal organs needed a break from the relentless spicy pummeling. I decided to duck into the Bamboo hut which is like an extension of my lodging for a banana and curd smoothie. I sat down at a pretty full table of people that pretty much landed here in Mysore. Their enthusiasm was incredible. I met a man who had just starting the practice of Ashtanga Yoga 6 weeks ago. I am always so curious about how Sharath teaches new students and I was eager to hear how the experience has been for him. Let me just say he is not that young, and didn't seem to be that physically fit. He told that when he went to register with Sharath that he was open about his lack of experience and asked if he should be in the beginners group with Sarasvati. Sharath gave him a 7:15am start time and pretty much said, "see you tomorrow." From what he told me Sharath knows him by name and watches him like a hawk. This man made me ashamed of my lack of enthusiasm. He said every morning when he walks into that shala he is so happy he could pee himself.

Yoga is an attitude.

This morning as I practiced I put my beginners heart into it. I remembered my first trip to the shala when Guruji greeted me at the entrance and asked my name and where I was from and invited me through that amazing doorway. My life has not been the same since. I don't even need to say how practice went, but ankles grabbed and a new pose given all before 6am.

I am finally getting a spring workshop schedule together...details coming soon.

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jude said...

We always receive what we need...the new yogi awakened your passion. Stay healthy, happy, and safe. Love U