Thursday, January 07, 2010

Power Cuts

I didn't write that much about registration yeserday because the power kept cutting in and out and I wanted to make sure I got a blog out. All in all it went rather smoothly and yes I got the most desired time (4:30am) but more than that I noticed that Sharath seemed happy. Last time I was here (July '08) Sharath seemed stressed at registration and I remember feeling off because of that. Maybe it is this new system, maybe Sharath is ready to take on the reigns fully, I dont know.

After regstration it felt like a giant weight had been lifted and I am so excited about practice. Just before this last power cut (about 3 hours ago) I heard a friend call my name from the street below. My dear friend Thomas has arrived. We will practice in my little room tomorrow at half past seven (his phrasing.)



jude said...

The power is yours! enjoy
love u

Anonymous said...

you are a great photographer. love all your shots. glad to hear you are assimilating. enjoy your stay in the heat we are in an ice block here!!!!!love lisa dshodless