Friday, January 22, 2010

Dots and Points

I was actually awake when my alarm went off this morning. For the past two weeks when my alarm has sounded at 3:30am I have no idea where I am, I thrash about unable to find the chirping clock and whine a little.

I felt the same sense of alertness with practice this morning. It seems that I have turned the corner, or maybe I was so grateful that Led Primary is just that and my endless practice could be a bit shorter. I even held Utplutih until Sharath counted 4 (that's like 20 for a normal count.)

Tomorrow is a much needed morning to sleep in and a day of rest. It is hard to communicate the depth of experience this trip is helping me to uncover. It's deep. I think that I am finally connecting some dots that have been a mystery to me for some time. I know this..that it is hard to be here alone, but it is so rewarding to know that a only pure intention for the love of a subject and longing to get as close to that subject as you can makes the whole thing possible. Without that there is no point and without the point there can be no practice.


Karin said...

This post really warmed my heart, Jill. I'm really glad to hear you're making deep connections. That's what makes it all worthwhile for me. Such a gift.

Anonymous said...

That animal needs to eat something.


Anonymous said...

There are many ways to get close to one's practice. Sometimes we only have to travel as far as our heart to get there. For others it takes a journey around the world. Which path takes you to the point? Does it matter as long as you feel the power, love and compassion that comes with the practice?