Sunday, January 17, 2010

Begin Again.

While two days of no yoga related activities nearly drove me to madness my body thanked me this morning. Even at the wicked early hour of 4:15am my body felt pretty open and fairly ready for the assault that is Sharath's Led Primary Series. It feels be back on the yoga train. Today was the first conference of 2010 at the shala. It was nice to see everyone assembled together.

Sharath gave a very sweet talk about Guruji. He went over the details of his life and how he came to be a student of Krishnamacharya. He stressed that yoga requires action and effort. He also made a point of saying that today no one wants to be the student and everyone wants to be the teacher. Everyone in the room giggled. It is true. I find that here is Mysore I love so deeply this time to be solely a student. I crave it when I am at home. That is what has me coming back year after year the freedom to be taught. I pray to not loose that need to be a student. To put myself in the hands of another teacher(s) literally and unpack everything I thought I had come to understand and begin again.

After conference KCDV and her cousin Trice and I went for an evening dosa and a nice stroll home. While it is not the best pircture of us it is the enjoy..


Anonymous said...

yogini double dose picture
Jji & KDVCji
most excellent

sally said...

yay!! you two being there together makes me happy... and just a little bit jealous! enjoy... love from Oz xo

Tina said...

I was wondering about Katie-ji! Is she levitating yet? Are you?? Call me when you land again ;)