Friday, January 15, 2010

Solar Eclipse of the Heart

Slept until 6am today. What an amazing feeling! It is the first solar eclipse of 2010and India is very quiet. Still much mythology surrounds these celestial events so many store haven't opened and many warnings for pregnant women to stay inside for fear that there may be some demon force(s) attacking the sun. While I was walking around today I noticed what appeared to be little kids running around with X-rays. When I stopped at the Coconut Stand to chat with a friend, again a little boy ran up with an X-ray. He then guided me out from under the refuge of the trees toward the "surya!", the sun. He pantomimed that I should hold up the X-ray and look toward the sky.

Amazing. I saw the eclipse.

No practice until Sunday. I must admit I am missing home and looking forward to getting back to teaching. One of my 2010 intentions is to teach more. I have been putting together some workshops that I would like to offer, so if you own a yoga studio or practice at one and would like me to come and teach send me an email ( I have been working on my 2010 schedule from India. Jayashree has memorizing 12 sutra's a week, and chanting entire pada's as well. I think the first 12 are finally burnt into my memory, i wake up chanting them. Starting Monday really focusing on the next 12.

That's the Indian way. Pade Pade. Step by step.

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jude said...

Jilly, step by step invaluable wisdom. Enjoy your weekend staying healthy, happy, and safe. Love U,