Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"Let me see."

Today I could have blogged about several things. I had a post developing in my head about how having a teacher (one teacher) is like being in a marriage and how I often observe how students run from one to the next when something better comes along. It is a strange king of love.

Maybe that will be a post for another day.

I also have a post in me that will be titled, "The Sharath Standard." That is going to be good one and kind of hooks into my post for today....the "Let me see" post. As I was finishing up practice today I dutifully practiced up to Lagu Vajrasana and moved onto back bends. Three Urdhva Dhanurasanas followed by standing up and dropping backs 4 times (there was a long wait to be assisted.)

Total Dropbacks- 34

When Sharath came over to me he said, "what did you do?" I said nervously..umm...Laghu Vajrasana then he said, "let me see." gulp. So I went back and executed a laghu vajrasana that I hoped met the Sharath standard. When I came up he said, Kapotasana. Now I am slightly confused, did he mean tomorrow, next week, next trip, or right now. He walk over to assist someone in back bends but didn't take his eyes off me Frozen in fear he made a gesture that was do! So as I jumped back and began the proper vinyasa sequence into the dreaded Kapotasana I see he is still staring at me waiting. I arch back and pretend that I am 5 again. I always was fearless when backward diving into any body of water. There I was catching my heels (the Sharath standard) and breathing hugging the mid line of my body as to not have the mushy formless Kapotasana (not up to the standard...not even close.) When I came up I saw for the first time a smile and a nod that was a sign of approval.

I then vinyasa-ed back to stand for assisted back bends, then the smile turned devilish. He said, "back bending start again." I tried to hold back the you gotta be kidding me look that I often give David. I made my way back to the mat for three more Urdhva Dhanurasanas and then standing from there and yes three more drop backs.

Total Dropbacks- 37

After assisted back bends with Sharath I was off to the changing room for my closings. Total practice time 2 hours. I wrote a post last trip that was titled, "Sharath you totally set the bar." He sets the bar and doesn't settle for anything but your absolute best effort and you soon see that what was impossible is possible and that you are actually stronger, more sensitive, and down right more fearless that you ever thought was possible. The next time you think that you can't possible do anything, ask yourself, let me see?


Frank said...


I'm thoroughly enjoying your posts, and this was a great one! Nice to hear that having to repeat backbending even happens in Mysore--I've been starting to think it's actually part of the process. :-) Just hope he doesn't do the same thing when he adds Tittibhasana--talk about whipping your spine around....

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate the count you're keeping on the number of drop backs your doing. How can you know if yoga is working unless you keep score?

Janette said...

I don't know much about yoga, but I don't think it's about keeping score. So... I'm itching to know why you are counting, Jill! I think it's kinda funny and intriguing!

I also want to let you know I'm reading - as much as I can...and wishing you well.