Saturday, January 09, 2010

Week #1

I have never done this before but I am taking a suggestion from my sister's WIWT blog.

Weekly Wrap-Up

I never thought I say this, but so far I have enjoyed my time alone more than the time I have spent with other people. I guess yoga really is freedom from chit chat.

I think I really needed this first week as a rest. The move to Providence really was hard and I had some pretty dark moments. There were times that I felt like I was hitting my stride, but I see here I never really recovered from the heartbreak of the move, the anxiety to find work, and the loss of my yoga community.

I am ready practice in all its forms. Again, too much talking and not enough practicing!

I feel more like myself than I have in ages. My eyes are bright, my skin is clear (except for some mosquito bites) and I will be returning to Providence this time as my real self.

Oh! I think I am in love with Simon Baker.


Amanda said...

i had to look up who simon baker was... and when i realized who simon baker was, i realized, i too, love simon baker. he's a spicy pepper.

jude said...

Jilly, take this period of time to renew and are a strong young woman. Stay healthy, happy, and safe. Love U

Tina said...

Still don't know who this Simon Baker character is, but a week of dosas and chai is enough to set anyone straight! Thinking of you a ton and wishing I could visit!

Diana said...

So proud of you. Feelings are hard to put to paper. But they are just that feelings. I am glad that you have found your heart and passion again. U deserve it. The jump from the airplane must have been hard! Enjoy every moment! Miss u!