Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Sister, The Yogi?

I am so grateful that I get a brief respite from the pre-pre dawn practice schedule. Tomorrow is the new moon day and as always we are gifted Saturday as the official day of rest for the week. It has been a tough week. Practice is hard and from here on out it will only get harder. Next Monday I will add on the part of second that Sharath brought me up to from my last trip, and then the possibility of adding more from there…that is a lot of asana.

I really missed home this week. This is how I know I really love my life. Some people here don’t give a thought about home and could care less if they ever landed. I am jealous of that spirit, but I wouldn’t trade my home, my husband, and my dogs for anything. I guess I feel more like myself here and I want to share that with my loved ones like NOW.

Most people know that I have a pretty stellar sister, Joy. Most people know that we live very different “lifestyles.” She eats and drinks for her living, and gets people to eat and drink with her. I yoga for a living, and the last time I was at her house I grabbed the local yoga studio’s schedule and hung it on her fridge next to the Ganesha magnet I bought her when she got married. I want people to yoga. I was totally impressed with her blog that I read this morning. You should read it as well it is the perfect expression of yoga, freedom from distraction, sitting with what is uncomfortable and confronting reality without any distortion.
January 13th post

Here is the big thought of the day. The state of zero is Samadhi. This is also the egoless state of pure love between two people—both arrive at zero.


Anonymous said...

Jilly, just caught up on your blog, really enjoyed it!! It's been a while since checking your blog was part of my daily routine, have to re-adjust. Wish I was there with you...Doug

Jill Manning said...

Thanks Doug! I wish you were here too! When are you and Maysa coming to Providence? I heard that you went to practice with Tina...yeah!