Tuesday, January 12, 2010

No Joking

After the other night battling the mosquito's I took some serious action. I got coils and cream, and I closed all my windows at 6pm. It worked I slept pretty soundly and when my alarm went off at 3:30am I felt rested. Thank Ganesha!

Practice this morning was nice, hot and the whole room seemed be moved slowly in a good way. Two notable moments on practice just after I put myself down into Supta Kurmasana I felt this sensation in my left chest and lung area and I felt a slight panic or anxiety. I did my best to breathe there and I felt all that move and shift out of my body. Then there is always the drama of back bending. Today as I worked with Sharath he said as he tells everyone, "walk." Walk I did, first with straight arms and the with the arms bending I could feel and see my heels and I thought I was done so I started to come up not realizing that Shararth had bent down to help place my hand on my ankle. I hit him in the top of the head. I apologized profusely and then he said..."don't fear."

Jayashree's was great this afternoon. Two hours of uninterrupted study. It seems that I have technical problems here in India. My computer has been acting funny and now my camera will not communicate with the computer to release my photos from the day. Hopefully I can work that out. There is always so much dancing between how you want things to go and how and when they actually do...go.

Maybe more tomorrow I have a lot to do before the power goes out again. That I can rely on.

Total Dropbacks-6


jude said...

Sleep always soothes the mind and body so I am happy you were able to rest. Love the dancing thought - I will remember that. Stay healthy, happy, and safe...Love U

Anonymous said...

"don't fear." how great! love reading this stuff. xox-emily h.

Sara said...

You want backward bending drama? I had to go to a 'freshman physical' today. They instructed me to bend as far backward as I could while someone held my hips. Not considering myself 'good' at that I did not think what happened at all a big deal. But half-way through my range of motion both doctors freaked out. Aparently they had never seen anyone exceed the 'normal' range of motion in that direction before. This was all sorts of drama and excitement on their part...until they saw what my hips could do!