Monday, January 25, 2010

Somewhere between ease and effort

That is the location I find myself at today. I never thought that I would be practicing with full energy at 4:15am each morning. I am astounded that I bind with ease in Marichyasana D (both sides) and that I am for the first time ever putting myself into Supta Kurmasana daily. All of this happens before 5:30am. The chunk of second series that I practice ends with Lagu Vajrasana. This isn't a very straining section for me and then the real mental work begins with dropping back and standing up and then Sharath's insistence on ankle grabbing. Today he mid air placed first my right then left hand about calf height and I held on to everything except the breath. I tried to soften into this experience that is still quite effortful for me. I find myself in the same situation as last week wanting to move on to the next pose (a perfect natural breaking point) and having total faith in my teacher. I am not the driver.

Today in chanting and philosophy I noticed that there are key words that keep coming to the surface. I started to make a list:


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Classes in Providence, RI:

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Workshop in Phila, PA:

Total Dropbacks- 27

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Sara said...

You are a star!
For comparison, I've accomplished brushing my teeth and washing my face by 5:30 AM. And, I bound two middle fingers for two breaths to on the right side in Mar. D...with assistance yesterday.