Monday, November 13, 2006

Time is Flying

The pictures with this blog are a continuation from the Ooty trip. I’ll admit it, this was the first morning that I didn’t want to get up and go to the shala. I pulled myself out of bed though, and knocked on my neighbor’s door to see if she had left without me. To my surprise she didn’t want to go either, but together we made it….and I’m gad I did. It is funny; I don’t really feel like I am in India anymore. Life here feels all of a sudden really normal. The traffic, the trash, the early mornings, all of it just everyday stuff. Saturday Mike and I, along with some other students from the shala are taking a day trip to the Bylakuppe Tibetan Settlements. I am looking forward to that. Mike has taken almost 40 rolls of film. He is excited about showing some of them at the Wake Up Yoga holiday party (December 22). I hope all of you reading this in the Philadelphia area can check it out, plus 10% of any sales from his work will be donated to Operation Shanti, a really great charity based in Mysore. You can check it out at Happy about being here now, but looking forward to seeing friends soon.

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jude said...

Good Monday is a slow moving dreary you have plenty of company not wanting to get moving. However we too pushed on to begin another week. We can not wait to see all the photos - stay healthy, happy and safe. love you mom