Sunday, November 26, 2006

“Do You Have To Go?”

A few months before we left for India Mike and I went out to lunch with his Grandmother. She asked us if we had to go to India. The answer then was, no, we don’t have to go, but now I feel different. This trip was something that I had to do. It is an interesting feeling making a dream manifest. It can provide some insight, that really nothing that is important to you is impossible. I had a great practice today. I feel really connected to the energy all around. I feel really connected to the practice of yoga. I think I am more in love with India, and the whole of yoga than I ever dreamed.

“Unless you practice meditation side by side with your work, how will you know whether you are doing the desirable or the undesirable thing?” ~Sri Saradamani Devi


Jeanine Dankoff said...

Hi Jill - Your trip sounds wonderful and your blog entries are captivating, inspirational. They are a blessing. Cannot wait to hear more of India in your classes! Warmly, Jeanine

Jeanine Dankoff said...

PS - and the photos are divine.

jude said...

Hey Jill and Mike, your time in India is coming to an end but the memories will be forever etched in your mind and heart. Looking forward to seeing you. Love mom