Thursday, November 09, 2006

Early to Bed, Early to Rise

Ifoolishly thought that we would escape the rain. It’s raining, and this morning’s walk to practice was less than ideal. Thank Ganesha is it so homey in the shala. Before we left for India so many people expressed their concerns about our health, and gave us advice on how to stay healthy while in this developing country. The truth is Mike and I have never felt better. We rise early, that’s me first thing in the morning, and after yoga spend much of day walking, and eating really healthy. There is no alcohol, no meat, very little dairy, no pizza. I included a picture today of a big mound of coconuts. It is very common to drink from one of them. They with a machete like instrument whack the top of it and place a straw inside for sipping. When all then water inside is gone you give it back, they cut it open and you eat the meat inside. Yum. Hopefully I’ll have some nice pictures from Ooty. We are leaving after practice tomorrow so there will be a slight pause in my blogging. I’ll be back on Sunday, look for more then.

Below is a link for a patient it will take a bit to load!


Mary Jo said...

Hi Jill, I'm so disappointed, I wasn't able to view the movie. My computer here at work would not let me open it and I don't have a computer at home. Maybe Jeff will bring his laptop this weekend and we can check it out together. You have to write in your next blog the significance of the red dots that I have seen on a couple pictures that you and Mike have on your foreheads. You both look good so I am confident that you are staying healthy. What have you been eating if there is no meat, little dairy and no pizza??? The picture of the little girl is adorable. I have been enjoying all the pictures, so keep them coming. Almost a month now until you come home. We are all looking forward to seeing you both at home.

Love, Aunt MJ

Angie said...

Bark Bark
Who shot them?