Thursday, November 02, 2006


I love ghee. Yesterday Mike and I had a snack of ghee rice, and this morning I had toast with ghee and honey. Both awesome. We love it here so much at Shakti that we have decided to stay the whole month. Practice this morning was good. I am not one to get guru-a-fied, but I must say that Guruji assisted me in backbends today and something about it was magical. Maybe it was just because he didn’t call me a “bad lady.” Today we are heading to an arts and crafts bazaar, and to a place that makes custom made Ganesh stickers! Later I am signing up for Sanskrit class at the shala, and tomorrow we head out for our adventure. I am posting so many blogs today because the place has been closed for two days, I hope to resume a daily schedule after the moon day retreat. Remember to vote in PA next Tuesday.

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Mary Jo said...

Jill, I talked to one of our attorney's here who is from India to find out about ghee and she said it is horrible. She hates it and she tells her mom whenever she goes there for dinner not to put any in any of her portions. The way Nipa described it to me, it doesn't sound good at all.