Sunday, November 19, 2006

That's A Good One God

What a crazy couple of days it has been in India, all of it culminating with me coming down with a whooper of a cold. The girls at Shakti House told me this morning that everyone thinks they will have digestive issues, but really everyone catches themselves a pretty good cold. I have been taking it pretty easy today. There is conference later this afternoon, and tomorrow is a new moon. I am grateful for the rest. At the Tibetan settlements yesterday there was this strange feeling that you weren’t in India anymore. The Golden Temple was breathtaking in its beauty. We got a glimpse of the monks in their classroom, cleaning the temple, and also horsing around. India pulses with devotion, and it is contagious.

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jude said...

Good Morning, hope you are feeling a little bit better. Once again the photos are inspirational. And we too are looking forward to hearing and seeing and tasting the gifts of your adventure. this is something that you will cherish for your life. Hope Michael is feeling better as well. Stay healthy, happy and safe. Love you mom