Saturday, November 11, 2006

Ooty Bye, Bye

As I am writing this I am very tired. After practice on Friday, we headed out for Ooty. While the drive was longer than I thought it would be, the scenery was more stunning than I had imagined. India is beautiful. In the country side it is green, and lush, and you can drive for miles without seeing a single person. That is saying a lot for a country of 1.2 billion. We did see a lot of cows, sheep, and then there are the monkeys. It was cold in Ooty, cold like Philadelphia. It forced me to buy a beautiful wool shawl. I am glad to back now in Shakti House, after two weeks here it really has a feeling of home. Practice is early tomorrow. I had to set my alarm for 4am instead of the usual 5am. It is another led practice. I hope you enjoy the pictures. Love and Many Blessings.


jude said...

Good Morning Jill and Mike, LOVED the pictures expecially of the monkeys on the road. It is truly a beautiful country. Your voice again filled with excitement generates much antipation for your return so we will see and hear all about the once in a lifetime experience. Stay safe, healthy, and happy. Love you mom and dad

Mary Jo said...

Oh my goodness, there were monkeys right in the road, who weird was that? The pictures of Ooty were beautiful. I especially liked the one of the trees, that's an incredible picture. I am anxious to see all the pictures in person. Sounds like an incredible adventure, that's for sure.

Love, Aunt MJ