Wednesday, November 08, 2006

"One More"

Yesterday was pretty quite, especially since Mike made the epic journey into Bangalore. Time here is funny. Things that can be done in two seconds at home can be painfully slow here. Things that take time at home move with surprising ease in India. Then there is the mystery of “shala time.” The big clock in the shala is 15 minutes fast, which means if you start practice at 6am, you need to be there real time 5:45am. I was told be at chanting at 6pm, but I forgot about shala time, and was apparently 15 minutes late. Everyone associated with the shala is aware that the clock if off 15 minutes. I wonder, can’t someone realign the clock? I guess that is my own preoccupation with the structure of time. Mike and I and our new friend Jody went to the sandalwood and silk factories today. Then we some really yummy Mali Kofta at a place called Sri Guru. My Thai Massage was incredible. I knew if was going to be good because Enzo, the guy who gave me the massage, is friendly with David and had such lovely things to say about David and his wife. I am definitely going back. We are taking a trip to Ooty this Friday. It is South India’s most famous hill station, and it said to be beautiful.


Mary Jo said...

Jilly, you look so great in the photos. India seems to agree with you. Okay, Mike, you look great too. Sounds like you are making lots of new friends there too. I really enjoy coming into work in the morning and checking out what incredible adventures the two of you have done while I was asleep. Keep the photos coming, we all really enjoy seeing them.


Aunt MJ

jude said...

Good morning guys, Jill you look amazingly happy. It is such a comfort to see how well things are going - mike also appears to be soaking up the culture. We can not wait to hear all about the trip. my second graders also send a great big high - they want to know if one of the photos is a church??? miss and love you both

Anonymous said...

hey guys every day is a new adventure for you huh?looks cool.make lots of memories'be safe and careful okay?how is that western toilet thing going,good i,aunt lisa