Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I Enjoy Being A Girl

Today I got to take a “ladies holiday.” For those of you who are not so versed in yoga talk, it means when you get your period you take rest. It is like getting out of gym class in high school. So, Mike and I slept in until 6am! Which I do think was much needed. I got to walk around in the morning with him while he took some photos. It was very reminiscent of the Cape May days. Some things are so universal. Grandmother’s will flag Mike down so that he can take pictures of their beautiful little ones, but when Mike asks to take pictures of them they shyly and politely refuse. We had a very busy afternoon shopping and rickshawing around Mysore. We went to the Ramakrishna Ashram to pick up study materials for my chanting course, and then we went to the St. Philomena church. I wish I could have taken pictures inside the church. It was a wild scene. Indians worshiping in a manner that looked like what I know of Catholicism with a Hindu twist. I took some pictures, hopefully more photos will go up today, I had a bit of trouble yesterday. It is so nice to get away and focus on yoga, and personal development. I am really looking forward to leading the yoga retreat in Mexico this spring, if you are interested check out this website http://www.patzcuaroproperty.com/JillsRetreat.html

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Mary Jo said...

Good morning Jill and Mike. I'm glad to hear that you got to take a day off and sleep in a little bit. The pictures are really cool. It must be so weird to see all those "wild" animals just walking on the street next to the cars. I would have loved to have seen pictures of inside the church. I'm sure it was not only wild, by beautiful too. Can't wait to give you a great big hug and hear all about the trip.

Love, Aunt MJ