Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Star of India

Most of you reading this will be experiencing November 22nd right about now. Here in India we are just about wrapping about my birthday. What a beautiful day. It started with the early morning practice; Guruji assisted me with backbends which is always a treat because you get an extra squeeze. After practice Mike and I went to the Ganesh temple and did a birthday puja. I met Satu, one of the Shakti girls, on the way and she wrapped flowers around me and wished me a happy birthday. I called my mom, that’s me in the phone booth. A breakfast surprise of happy birthday with a nice piece of chocolate cake, you have never seen how yogi’s light up when there is chocolate in the morning. According to the peanut butter man at the shala, Hindu’s sing happy birthday, but there are no candles to blow out. Why would you ever blow your light out? I had a massage with Enzo, and then Mike and I had lunch at the Lalitha Mahal Palace. We stayed there and had a dip in the pool, and took a tour of the roof. The sun is fading and that means Mike and I will be sleeping soon. It has been a perfect day. Mike and I are taking one last chance to explore South India and taking a day trip tomorrow. Thank you all for the birthday messages. Om, Om, Om


jude said...

HAPPY HAPPY "B" DAY in the USA. We looked being able to hear your voice on your birthday. Great shots as usual we are anxious for your return. Looking forward to the many stories. LOVE, HUGS, KISSES to the Birthday Girl. Love mom

Mary Jo said...

Being off for 5 days and not having a computer at home I really missed a lot and had to catch up this morning reading all about your adventures during the last five days. I'm so happy that you had a nice birthday in India. It sure seems like you are being treated like a queen. Can't wait to see you and give you a belated birthday hug.

Love, Aunt MJ