Sunday, November 05, 2006

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Angie said...

"Bark Bark Bark" said angie. "Bark Bark and more barks."
Angie looked very sweet but somehow her barks had a hint of sadness. "What is it" asked dog grandmother? "Bark Bark" said Angie. "Oh" said dog grandmother. "You felt a pain in your heart and it felt like a sharp blade of emptiness?" "Bark" said Angie. "What would make the hurt go away" said dog grandmother. "Bark Bark Bark with extra Bark on the side" said Angie. Dog grandmother ran to the kitchen and took out her ingrediants. "Medium or well done?" said dog grandmother. Angie ordered "Bark like".

Another day at Woodside Circle. When you travel away from home the food sure do taste--"well,you describe it to them Angie." Angie said "bark almighty".

"Good dog" said dog grandmother. "My Angie dog, My Angie dog!"