Saturday, January 03, 2009

Waking Up is hard to do

Just this morning I felt like I had to pull myself out of the holiday fog. I started the New Year off with a bang! I got up early and practiced by myself which can be very lonely, but this practice was very sweet and felt just right. I even made some little movies of my favorite "sea grass" vinyasa's to help understand the seed of energy (or as MA would said energization.) If I can figure out how to post them I will. I, as in Mysore, take Saturday off. I teach every Saturday, and during the Teacher Training season that teaching continues until 6pm.

Sunday always feels like the first day of the practice week for me, and I do try to give it my all on Sunday. I try to practice like Sharath suggested in conference this year, as if Guru ji were in the room.

Some more thoughts on not only moving forward, but also UP

Drink more water

Get out and enjoy nature


Find a regular practice rhythm, and let the mind rest in the repetition

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