Friday, January 16, 2009

Following Up, Following Through

January is half way over, and I am tailoring and re tailoring my ideas, goals, and my aim. Practice this week hasn't been so inspiring. It is Friday and I only managed to practice 4 times this week. Weak, week. My right knees hurts (outside), my left elbow aches, and my lower back pains all over. Taking a page from my sister's blog I am publicly publishing my yoga practice goals for next week.

Sunday: Led Class with Eddie Stern, Amanda, Doug, and 147 other people.
Monday: Mysore at Yoga Squared
Tuesday: 1pm Self Practice at Wake Up
Wednesday: Mysore at Yoga Squared
Thursday: Trip to NYC to see Ma so we'll see how it goes
Friday: Could be a toss up...I'll keep you posted.
Saturday: Teach and Rest

I am really excited about the workshop tomorrow. I am sure there will be much to blog about.

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