Monday, January 05, 2009


Yesterday was an incredible day. I slept really well. The best since the beginning of the "holiday"season. I was off to Yoga Squared for Sunday Mysore practice. Practice starts at 9am, and you can enter for some time after that, but I like to be there right at 9am. The Ashtanga yoga community isn't that big here in Philly, so if you want the juice from other people, you've got to be in the room at the start of the chant. At Yoga Squared the chant is done together. I prefer the call and response style of Guruji, and Sharath. There is something about the process of surrendering to the cadence and rhythm of each individual teacher that softens the student. The suggestion is so there however subtle, "I am not the teacher, I have come to learn."

After practice I got to have some coffee with Adam and Amanda. After some long chats about yoga, life, choice, and knowing when to exit but waiting just a bit longer, I went to pick up a friend for a long awaited date. We went to see Slumdog Millionaire. I had already seen the film, but I can't stop it when it comes to my beloved India. It was like seeing the Taj, better the second time. Although the experience of the day made me miss Mysore. The practice, the chatting, the community, and I felt a little lost at the end of the day.

There I was at home with two of my very own slumdogs that no doubt needed to be taken out.

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Lisa said...

Oh, how I would like to practice Ashtanga someday. I'll get there eventually-- part of my (slow) transitioning.