Thursday, January 08, 2009

Philly Field Trip (part 2)

AHH, how I love yoga. Today is my one day off during the week, and I like to plan a special yoga outing. Sometimes I go to NY to see Manorama, and taste the flavors of the New York yoga community. As part of my '09 plan, I am making an effort to on Thursdays especially to get out there and swim in the different yoga pools. Today my very good friend and fellow yogini Corina trekked into Center City to practice at Dhyana Yoga. We went to the lovely Alex Holmes' 12pm Vinyasa class. I am always looking for the threads of connection. What was this class offering going to reveal to me about Ashtanga, devotion, ways in which myself can dissolve into mySelf. There is always something there that may leave me reeling for days, months even.

"electric jellyfish"

I thought sea grass was the perfect description.

Tomorrow to round out the trimurti of vinyasa offerings, I am headed to Corina Benner's 1pm "advanced" yoga class at Wake Up Yoga. Maybe I'll see you there! After that I am ready to head back to the church of Ashtanga, and get back to the soundtrack of breath, the movement of energy, and the focus on the point (whatever that means.)

In celebration of the full moon this Sunday, January 11th 9-11:30am I am at Yoga Sqaured to lead some chanting with my sqeezebox followed with Sri Karen leading a Yoga Mala (108 surya namaskara's.) 10% of the proceeds are going to the PSPCA.
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Amanda said...

i missed being in class... i actually won't be at the mala on sunday.. i am going to baltimore and spending the weekend with my family. my little sister graduates college on sunday!

i'm signing up for drop backs! woo woo.