Friday, January 09, 2009

Philly Field Trip (part 3) Coming Home

I don't know why I have selected this week to break from the Ashtanga Yoga Method, and be a yoga tourist. Maybe it is because I am tired of always keeping the count in my head, maybe it is because the AYCP (ashtanga yoga community Philly) feels at times so broken, and so out of sync with the tradition that is so alive in Mysore, and many students with strong, and devoted practices often stay home, and experience the solo journey of mind, and mat that I know so well. I was thrilled this morning to lead a primary series at Yoga Squared Guruji style with 10! (at 6:30am) amazing students, in my heart I can feel it growing.

As promised I dined on the offerings of yoga teacher, studio director, colleague, and friend Corina Benner. She has such a unique style and specific relationship to the practice of asana, that the only way to understand to spend some time with her in practice. "The experience is the transformation."

Saturday I take rest from practice. In total I made it to practice 5 times, and each time I gave myself to the practice tick-tocks and all. See you tomorrow on the mat 10 am sharp at Wake Up Yoga.

Hari OM

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your Philly field trip experiences. I recently took a yoga trip of sorts last month, and I just got back from another trip that I plan on writing about soon.