Friday, January 23, 2009


This is the first time in a long time that I am going to make my goal of 6 practices in one week. The week started out really strong with that amazing trip to NYC to practice. That practice, and lecture reminded me of all that is important about the study and practice of yoga.

Yesterday I went up to study again this time sound, and sound harmony, sutra, and mantra. I began the process of seeing how Sanskrit sounds merge together and how with practice the skilled student can break apart those sounds and meaning pours out. A once obscure idea, become powerfully clear. It was a very hard lesson, and a hard commute. It is so strange how I choose to spend my "day off."

Such change is all around, and on so many levels. I feel different, I feel everything I know changing. A friend wrote me an email this week so inspiring about how she is taking back her practice. As I sat with those thoughts, and I still sit with them I keep hearing fragments of this poem:

Paul Valery
"The very sequence of your act is to take back,
To flow back so as not to break
The integrity of the water's body!"

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