Friday, January 30, 2009

Refresh Button

I have been trying to hit the refresh button all month long. It feels like my whole system just crashed. Practice was going great this month until this Moon day which was also a Monday, I took rest and have been resting ever since. I feel that there is this underlying sickness that is keeping me away from yoga practice, well at least yoga practice on the mat.

I was going to write about my yoga date last night, but other than spending time with Doug there was nothing positive about the experience, so I am going stay silent...except teachers should not chew gum while teaching, nor should they be rude to you at the front desk. Ok that's enough about that.

I am really excited about the Foundations workshop tomorrow, and the Shiva workshop in Jersey at the end of the month. I went walking with Linn, and some dogs yesterday in the snowy, icy Wissahickon. She reminded me that as we walked the Taj together I did put it out there that I wanted to move my yoga teaching in a certain direction, and now it is totally there. I also slipped on some ice, and felt free to be me.

I am going to hibernate the rest of the day, and be silent, and find some space to feel where I want to turn next.


maria said...

I hear you. My body has been creaking like a ship on the high seas while my head (and body being dragged behind it) have been the sails of action all of January, mostly for work, adminstrating, teaching, hosting. The branches of yoga I've been exploring these days keeps me somewhat balanced, but this week I feel there's a hole in the boat, a slow leak, and my "love affair" with winter might turn into the old pattern of February doldrums. I, too, felt like hibernating after class this morning, yet a trudged on through many projects until I crashed. Then I remembered to check out what you younger folks do - blog. And it has lifted my spirits, got me thinking, not for work, but for heart, for love of the puzzle. Waterlilysage had some lovely thoughts, too, on wonderful Durga and Shiva. You both inspire me to sit back up and listen to the silence.

balladofyoko said...

"yoga teachers should not chew gum while teaching, nor should they be rude to you at the front desk."

Yes. I had an experience with this recently, and it completely turned me off to this instructor.