Sunday, January 11, 2009

One Surya Namaskara at a Time

In honor of the Full Moon day today Karen of Yoga Squared held a Yoga Mala celebration. She asked me to bring a bit of texture (that is not what she said but how I am making that connection) to the practice by chanting with the Harmonium. So, on this typical day of rest I woke early and gathered my things to practice and sing.

According to Karen a Yoga Mala is the practice of 108 Surya Namaskara's. The groupings went 8 Surya A's, and 1 Surya B. I found it to be an very interesting study in repetition, rhythm, and the ruminations of the mind.

I was reminded of my music teacher in India. When I couldn't execute an exercise so confidently he would in all seriousness ask me if I had practiced the exercise 100 times. I hadn't. As I approached the 100th Surya A I felt a real kinship with the material, a closeness that I had never experienced before and at the same time a freshness a newness, and a deep appreciation of its simplicity and design.

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