Monday, January 19, 2009


Inspiration comes in many forms. I didn't get a change to blog yesterday, and even if I could have I don't know if I could have articulated the magic, and the love that I was feeling.

After a full teaching day Saturday, the plan was to get up on Sunday at 4am to practice. What stood between me and practice....200 miles and some seriously dubious driving weather.

No sleep 'til until I was standing in a room full of Ashtangi's some who I traveled with, some I recognized from Mysore, dear reunions from Philly (the city of brotherly love), dear reunions from Mysore (the city inside my heart.)

I am still digesting the experience, the practice, the chai, the lecture. It made for a perfect ending to a very full weekend exploring the living tradition of yoga.

Amanda wrote about it at her blog check it out.

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