Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Drop Backs are Fun!!

Come play with me!

Looking Forward While Dropping Back
Saturday January 17, 2009 2pm-5pm
Blue Banyon7153 Sprague St. in East Mt. Airy Philadelphia, PA admin@bluebanyanyoga.com
$45, pre-registration is required

Are you terrified, yet intrigued by the practice of dropping back? Have you created mythology around this practice telling yourself that it is something designed for someone more flexible, younger, someone with more strength, or maybe just more chutzpa? Then this workshop has been designed for you. In this workshop we will explore the qualities of “drop backs” that are embedded into the fabric of every single vinyasa yoga class. By learning to utilize the natural curves of the spine, and exploring organic undulations throughout the entire practice we can begin to make connections so that dropping back is as simple (not easy), and familiar as learning to stand (we will explore that as well.)

Points of Exploration: Learning to Crawl, Minding Your Head, aka “Head Down Bottom Up”, All about Upward Dog, Open Your Heart, “Don’t Fear!”

After 70 or so dropbacks this year in Mysore with Sharath right there watching you, I think I've got something to say. Think of it new year, new terrain, totally remodel your practice.


Diana said...

I'll be there- backbending is fun. AHH seagrass ////////

katie said...

love the seagrass.

Anonymous said...

chutzpadik seagrass